Autumn Crafting

I was motivated by a link my friend Lydia shared for a fun Fall Foliage Garland project. As nice as the thought of picking up leaves I’ve found on nature walks and pressing them sounds I don’t have that kind of patience. I also certainly do not want to have to do the project year after year. I have all these beautiful fake leaves my mom picked up from the Morton Arboretum for our wedding last year that I didn’t know what to do with. They’re beautiful and I knew I wanted to do something crafty with them but I just didn’t know what. I think this little project worked out nicely and it’s one I can use year after year.

My little helper helps me sort out the different shapes (please ignore all the fur on the sofa)…

Close up of the finished garland…

I strung it along the fireplace mantel (I was watching the Rob Zombie version of Halloween while crafting- not nearly as good as the original)…

I think it came out really nice. The photos aren’t the best quality so I don’t think they represent it that well but I like it (even M. said it was nice!). The cats were very interested in the project and tried to “help” me. I’m hoping they don’t try to play with it now that it’s hanging up.

I still have plenty of leaves left and am trying to think of other projects I can do with them. I suppose I could do another garland like this and maybe string a few shorter ones together and hang them from the ceiling so they look like falling leaves… or a wreath, oooh I like the idea of a wreath! I think I’d need a hot glue gun for that though – I’m not sure I can be trusted with a hot glue gun…

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